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Excavations and Survey


Within the project framework of understanding the long-term shifts in settlement and mortuary behavior around San Giuliano, SGARP’s first four seasons have focused on five main tasks:

  1. Tomb Survey. Survey and registration of the rock-cut Etruscan tombs that extend in a ring around the San Giuliano plateau (indicated by a red T in map below)

  2. Salvage Excavation of Etruscan Tombs. Salvage excavation of selected and previously looted chamber tombs (indicated in blue below)

  3. Trench Grave Cemetery Excavation. Excavation of a Late Villanovan/Early Etruscan tomba a fossa grave field at San Simone (indicated in green below)

  4. Medieval Castle Excavation. Excavation of the medieval castle zone (la Rocca) atop the San Giuliano plateau        

2019 tomb survey aerial_w_outlined hills

   In our first four seasons, we have conducted mapping, surface survey, ground penetrating radar surveys, and excavation of the habitation zone on the plateau and the surrounding Etruscan necropolis. We have documented over 500 previously unmapped tombs with a standardized system of GPS, photography, and registration forms. Salvage excavations of four looted tombs have recovered significant artifacts and human bone as well as revealed intact deposits outside of the tombs. At Rocca (castle), our excavations revealed a fortified zone comprising a small castle complex with a tower and low circuit walls. In the gravefield of San Simone we have excavated four trench tombs (two unlooted) and identified two further tombs for future excavation.

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Survey of Etruscan Tombs

Tomb Salvage Excavations 

Trench Tomb Excavation

Medieval Castle Excavation

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